_re-HABITAR is a project directed by the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage, with the participation of the Iberian DOCOMOMO Foundation. It is centred on knowledge about the architecture of the Modern Movement, specifically collective and social housing, for the purpose of defining action criteria to support the preservation of its heritage values. These efforts are intended to construct a methodology, with collaborations between heritage institutions and entities dedicated to technological development, to help preserve the values of 20th-century architectural heritage.

In order to achieve a series of specific objectives, the _re-HABITAR project focuses on a single object of study: the architecture of the Modern Movement. The project is also limited to a specific architectural typology, housing, with the idea of later extrapolating the knowledge that is generated.

The object of study, in this case, is the residential complex Nuestra Señora del Carmen, a social housing project with characteristics that lend it the status of an urban operation, because of its nature as an architectural complex and its articulation with the surrounding urban fabric.

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