A cidade do saber: estudo do património artístico integrado nos edifícios projectados pelo arquitecto Porfírio Pardal Monteiro para a Cidade Universitária de Lisboa, (1934-1961)

Autor: Pascoal, Ana Mehnert
Fecha: 2010
Director: Soares, Clara Moura
Universidad: Universidade de Lisboa
Escuela o Facultad: Faculdade de Letras
Fuente: Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa


This research approaches the “founder core” of the University City of Lisbon planed by the Architect Porfírio Pardal Monteiro, concerning its constructive and decorative aspects in order to comprehend the global orienting spirit of the ensemble. Taking the material existence of the University of Lisbon since its foundation in 1911 into account, the focus is made on the action of the “I República”, » understand the measures undertaken until 1926 for the purpose of promoting a condign installation for the new Faculties. The Rectorate and the Faculties of Law and of Letters, simultaneously to the new School Hospital, were the university buildings where the construction was considered the most urgent practically since their establishment. The appearing of these equipments, which were desired as modern buildings according to the foreign examples, is regarded within the public equipment building process sponsored by the “Estado Novo”. By analysing the political and economical scenario during this period, it is intended to disclose the slowness that defined the projection and the construction of these buildings. In addition, the aim of this research is to study the artistic patrimony integrated in the three above-mentioned buildings. In order to assimilate the intervening artists, as well as the role and the meanings of the works of art integrated in the University City of Lisbon, the reflection concerns the way the political regime understood, financed and attributed functions to the fine arts, and the outcome of the official orders sponsored by the Public Equipment Ministry.

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