Lo popular en la arquitectura moderna en España. Coderch, Fisac, De La Sota, Fernández del Amo

Author: Vaquero Gomez, Jose Angel
Date: 2004
Director: Linazasoro Rodriguez, José Ignacio
University: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
School or Faculty: ETSA Madrid
Department: Departamento de Proyectos arquitectónicos
Source: Archivo digital UPM


From its origins, popular or traditional architecture has lived next door — sometimes within– high architecture, in charge of hosting and providing information about the most vital part of human existence, serving to what is built just for purely representative matters. Such an interest in intellectually incorporating the plastic, constructive and functional deposits from anonymous architecture has been instrumental in the configuration of the Modern Architectural Cycle. This thesis focuses on the architecture made in Spain halfway through the last century. Our way of building and living went through an extraordinary period by means of the work of architects such as Fisac, Coderch, De la Sota and Fernández del Amo, among others. Their projects, based on a new look at our popular material, became a rejoinder from realism to the picturesque model of the so-called Reconstrucción, the monumental architecture of the 40s. From the study of this particular architectural moment, the objective of our reflection widens, on the one hand, to the architecture of the Avantgarde of the II Spanish Republic (to which it somehow refers) and, secondly, to a branch of the architecture of the 60s (when an extraordinary development boom took place in Spain) which kept on relying on the popular as the essence of the project, although now understood in a broader sense. The architecture of the masters who articulate our work, engaged fully in the debate on the role of context which will eventually be formalized after the crisis of the Modern Movement occurred on the ruins of World War II. The purpose of this thesis is to try to bring out some of the project tools from these architectures committed to roots, particularly now, when they are experiencing an interesting overall reborn.

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