Exhibition: ” Modern housing, 1925-1965. Iberian DOCOMOMO Register “

This exhibition shows a selection of dwellings from the register prepared by Iberian DOCOMOMO and covers various types of housing, showing the main ways it developed. The works chosen are representative of the whole register and show the importance of housing in the development of the modern project.

Therefore not just those works that have become icons of modernity are presented. It was judged necessary to go further and include a much richer and sometimes less orthodox picture, because this takes into account the way the Modern Movement was implanted in Spain. There was an effort to collect chronologies, territorial factors, technical and typological solutions and less famous designers among the many aspects that affected the introduction and development of modern architecture. Therefore 108 are shown, for clarity grouped in three sections: Housing and city, Housing and territory, and single-family housing. The exhibition comprises four models and 121 panels. Photographic displays of the works highlight the value of this architecture and reveal how contemporary it is.

In May 2009 the exhibition opened in Madrid at the Nuevos Ministerios Arches, and in 2010 it began touring by being shown at the Murcia Architects Association.

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