Extension of the Timespan of the Register: 1965-1975

In the light of our work focused on the areas of industry, housing, and facilities, and following a thorough review of our register, the Iberian DOCOMOMO Foundation has decided to redefine the register’s chronological scope, which was previously limited to the period between 1925 and 1965. It will be extended through 1975, the date which coincides with the end of authoritarian regimes in Spain and Portugal. Indeed, both in the process of preparing the register and during its review, we detected numerous works that we felt should be part of the DOCOMOMO register, but which had been excluded because they were dated after 1965.

From a typological point of view, the object of our focus will remain limited to the areas included in the existing registers of industry, housing and facilities, thus excluding examples from the areas of infrastructure and engineering.

Begun in 2014, these efforts have incorporated 350 Level A works (national or international relevance) and 217 Level B works (local relevance) into the Iberian DOCOMOMO Registers.

The buildings and architectural complexes can be consulted in our database