III Iberian Docomomo Seminar

III Seminario DocomomoFollowing what had been learnt at the first two seminars, Iberian DOCOMOMO focused the debate on twentieth century cultural facilities and infrastructure. On this subject in November 2001 the organisation held its third seminar in Oporto with the title "CULTURE: ORIGIN AND DESTINY OF THE MODERN MOVEMENT, social facilities and cultural infrastructure, 1925–1965", with scientific co-ordination by Alexandre Alves Costa, Manuel Graça Dias and Víctor Pérez Escolano. That year Oporto was the cultural capital.

It was an opportunity to discuss how cultural facilities and infrastructure were essential elements for disseminating and popularising modernity's values, and the way they were the backbone for building urban structure and defining cities. The period under consideration was 1925–1965.

To achieve this, the Third Iberian DOCOMOMO Seminar was divided into sessions covering four themes: "Culture and leisure”, “Culture and dissemination”, “Culture and city” and “Contemporary restructuring and cultural facilities”.

Presentations and other communications were published with the title:

Equipamientos e infraestructuras culturales, 1925-1925. Actas Tercer Seminario DOCOMOMO Ibérico Buy proceedings


Conferencia inaugural: Gonçalo Byrne.


Cultura y ocio


Cultura y divulgación


Cultura y ciudad


Reconversiones contemporáneas y equipamientos culturales


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