II Iberian Docomomo Seminar

Segundo Seminario DocomomoIn 1999 the second seminar, in Seville, dealt with industrial architecture. Its title was “MODERN ARCHITECTURE AND INDUSTRY. 1900–1965” and scientific co-ordination was by Celestino García Braña, Manuel Mendes and Antonio Pizza. The debate about industrial architecture was accompanied by examination of a question that had become particularly relevant in contemporary urban and territorial environments — taking over and reusing the industrial architecture that we have inherited.

With this purpose this Iberian DOCOMOMO seminar was divided into four sessions corresponding to different themes: "Industry and its contribution to modern architecture", “Industry and city”, “Industry and territory" and “Industrial architecture: heritage and reuse”.


In the conceptual field it is important to clarify the term "industrial architecture" for each of these areas. Although we start from a concept of industry as strictly productive, in relation to the city the term clearly covers other kinds of operations complementary to this activity (port operations, storage, transportation of goods etc.) In terms of chronology, the seminar focused on industrial architecture of the period Iberian DOCOMOMO covers in its Register, 1925–1965; it is very difficult to establish a strict chronology that clearly corresponds to the concept "industrial modern architecture", but there was a recommendation to extend the period to 1900 in order to accommodate the precursors of the phenomenon we are considering.

For each of the seminar's thematic areas there were three invited presentations and two other communications were accepted.


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Conferencia inaugural: La industria y los nuevos principios de configuración en la arquitectura, Simón Marchán.


La industria y su aportación a la arquitectura moderna

Industria y ciudad

Otras comunicaciones incluídas en la publicación:

Industria y territorio

El patrimonio industrial y su reutilización

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